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I was very pleased to receive an email from a lady who works with Robb, asking if I would consider reviewing his Solo Album for its release March 20th. I was happy to do so. I’ve followed Robb after a Twitter friend, fellow music lover put him on my radar. Robb is a singer/songwriter from Belfast.

Robb has soft smooth sound and this is prominent throughout the album. He has the unique ability to transport his
listener into his musical world with a combination of stunning acoustics, sublime vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

I’ve listened a few times and I think this album has been made with pure passion and soul. How do I describe this sound? I can only compare it to walking into your house after a stressful day at work, freezing from the cold rain that’s bothered you the entire journey home. You put on those comfy clothes…

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Radio is facing its biggest challenges as we progress in the 21st Century. Gone are the days when there were a limited choice of listening, especially in the UK, where it was dominated by the BBC and after 1973, a small but growing collection of commercial stations.

Today there are very real threats to the hundred year old medium….

  • Streaming services such as Spotify allowing you customize your listening, and for a small monthly fee remove advertising
  • MP3 shuffling of your favourite music
  • Tight budgets resulting in the merging of stations and less local broadcasting
  • The increasing use of set playlists, making it hard for new music to be heard
  • Easily access to music on the Internet using services such as YouTube and Vevo
  • Lack of freedom for presenters to choose music for their shows
  • The focus on music that attracts the biggest audience so drawing advertising revenue
  • Employing well…

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