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This great album is available through the link below:

Dancing About Architecture

11073284_943363792370930_1009874049776213407_nProving that it is possible to take past musical traditions and fashion them into very contemporary sounding work, Robb’s songs seem both familiar and fresh, very much of the now, yet timeless. Based around a lilting, spacious, acoustic base he adds modern pop vibes and nu-folk cool to the layer cake of moods and styles. Operating in a world akin to, but often not necessarily interchangeable with the one inhabited by Damien Rice, Robb’s flights of fancy often find him pushing out towards wider, more eclectic territories, where a country groove, bluesy harmonica or the resonating tones of a trumpet provide the perfect vehicle to get the message across.

And like his fellow Irishman, poetic and emotive lyricism is also the order of the day, tugging heartstrings and philosophising about the day-to-day emotions that we are all familiar with. But where Rice seems to be in a constant state of…

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