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The year is ending and I am thinking about all that has happened in the past year.
It’s been a year…

A lot has happened in the past year. Busy times, happy times, but also very dark times came by.
To use the words a dear friend often uses, it’s not all been sunshine and lollipops.
But hey…I’m here, walking towards the light again and hopeful for next year.
Thinking back makes me realise how blessed I am….
I have a wonderful husband, two amazing healthy children, a great family and also some truly amazing friends.
They all mean the world to me and they are all that really matters.
Those are the people who kept me going, they were there no matter what.
They brought love, joy, laughter. There was room for tears, room to share worries, room to share happy moments, but most of all they all cracked me up. By the things they said or did, they made me forget about everything. Often it were just small things…small things with a huge impact.

So often I wanted to say thanks, but words always seem to fall short and words can not express what they all mean to me.
There maybe is one expression that says it all…it’s what I felt so often and it’s what I feel when I think about them….this is unconditional love.
I am so grateful for having you all in my life, grateful for all the love you gave me. You all have a very special place in my heart and always will have.

In about an hour the new year starts. Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014! I wish you all a very happy new year, wish all your dreams come true, but most of all wish you love in abundance!


Counting my blessings…I’ve been doing this a lot lately. By doing that I was reminding myself that no matter how dark it gets, there’s always something positive happening, there’s always a little light in the darkness.

When things go well, I tend to take things for granted. Feeling good, not much to worry about and often not realising how blessed I actually am.
But when dark times come by, it’s hard to keep on seeing positive things.
Despite always being positive minded and always seeing the bright side of things, I can easily lose a lot of that positivity when life gets tough.

The one thing that always helps me during such periods in life is looking at the things I have and never would want to lose. And I do have a lot to be happy about and grateful for.
Besides that I’m more aware of the little things in life. It’s often the little things that brighten my day. And it can be anything. A hug from one of our children, an unexpected email with encouraging words, a bird eating from the bird food outside, the sun suddenly starting to shine, a drawing from our daughter with the words “you’re the best mum of the world”, our son playing guitar, hearing a joke, memories of happy moments or hearing a song.

Must be the time of the year…I always look back at the past year when the end of the year is nearing. While I’m at it, here are my blessings:

  • I’m grateful to have a wonderful husband
  • I’m grateful to have 2 healthy and beautiful children
  • I’m grateful to have some truly amazing friends
  • I’m grateful for the love I’m surrounded with every single day

I could go on, but there’s too much to be grateful for….too much to put in this blog anyway.

A while ago I wrote this poem. No matter how dark it gets…there’s always light and always hope.

It’s late, it’s dark
I’m sleeping, but restless
Leaving me breathless

Standing on the edge
Falling into the abyss
I hear you calling my name
You wake me up with a kiss

I’m confused for a moment
But you’re holding me tight
Comforting me
In the darkness of the night

I’m shivering, scared
Tears are rolling down my face
But your calming voice
Makes me feel safe

The warmth of your touch
A kiss on my forehead
So soft and gently
It makes me forget

Forget about the nightmares
my worries…the tears
With everything you say and do
You’re taking away my fears

I’m exhausted
So tired of it all
I know I have a long way to go
to overcome this fall

But I don’t have to do this alone
I know you’re there with me
Your arms around me, feeling love,
Love that’ll take us where we want to be…

A song that came to my mind after writing the poem is Guiding Light by Foy Vance
Listen, watch & enjoy

Music…there’s always a lot of music in this house. First of all I’m a music lover, so there’s always music playing. Besides that our daughter loves to dance and our son is a music lover too and plays guitar. I often watch our son while he is playing guitar… He’s ten years old now and passionate about music. It’s beautiful to see what music does and how much he enjoys listening to music and playing guitar. It made me write this poem.

There’s a place you go to
Every now and then
There you’re finding comfort
It’s where you find yourself again

A place no one but you will find
A place that is your own
It’s where you feel safe
and where you can be alone

It’s a beautiful place
Filled with melodies
A place for dreams
and fantasies

It’s where you’re finding peace
It calms you down and brings you joy
There you’re truly happy and
there your guitar is your only toy

Melodies and sounds
Are making you forget
Forget about everything
It’s a beautiful outlet

I’m seeing how happy you are
Everytime you go to that place
Cause when you return
There’s nothing but a big smile on your face

It’s great you have that place to go to
A place that’s so elusive
But bringing so much positivity
A place that’s called…music…

I love seeing our son enjoying music so much, playing guitar, forgetting about everything, being completely carried away by music.
There’s one song that he plays along with and listens to a lot… It’s a special song to him. He loved that song from the moment he first heard it and it’s the first song he learned to play along with without any help. He was fortunate enough to play it with the writer of the song himself. Special moments, captured in his heart. Moments he will never forget. This song will always be special in this family. It’s a song called ‘Never Letting You Go’ by Robb Murphy.

Listen and enjoy!

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