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A few days ago this website caught my attention:

Something triggered me to take a look at it. What do colors tell us? What does your favorite color say about your personality? Sure I know colors tell us a lot, but I never really got into it.

It got me thinking. My favorite color is blue and I always associate that color with air, water, calmness, space, coolness. But I never thought about what my favorite color tells about my personality.
Curious, but also sceptical, I clicked on the link and started reading… Sceptical, cause what would the color blue say about my personality? Maybe it would’t match at all with who I am.

First thing to notice was that they made a difference between blue, indigo and turquoise.
“Well…that’s a bit of a problem” I thought, cause generally my favorite color is blue, but sometimes there are periods when I like turquoise more than I like blue…
Which one to read first??
Started with turquoise… My scepticism was confirmed by what I read…most of it didn’t match with who I am. However there were a few things that I could relate to and that was enough to trigger me to read about the color blue.

With a bigger dose of scepticism, but still curious I started reading chapter “blue”.
Gone was my scepticism….vanished into thin air…. I was surprised reading it.
“How do they know all this about me??” was my first thought.
I could so relate to what was written. There only was one thing I couldn’t relate to, but the rest was so true… Intrigued I went on reading about my favorite color.

I could recognise my good sides, but even more could recognise my bad sides
Some things really made me laugh, because I could so relate to it.
People who like blue are inflexible, not spontaneous, not impulsive and stubborn. Well…yes…that’s true,  I always think before I speak or act, unless I got a few glasses of wine or have a huge lack of sleep.
And yes…I’m inflexible….I don’t like changes, I rather stay in my comfort zone. Besides that, I’m a control freak, I don’t like surprises and ooooh I’m so stubborn! There are plenty of examples that will prove how stubborn I am.
What also made me laugh was reading that blue people don’t like to have discord or conflict in their lives, but that they are often the cause of conflict with others because they can be quite manipulative…
I indeed recall situations in which I have been the cause of discord between people. When I’m being asked to give my opinion I can be pretty persuasive….and that indeed often leads to discussion or discord between others.
Now I’m only mentioning some bad sides, but I also know I do have some good sides.
You can read all about it here:
( 🙂 very recognisable for the people who know me…)

One thing is for sure…reading about my favorite color intrigued me and it kept me busy for a while.
I never got into the meaning of colors and never read about what your favorite color tells about your personality. I was sceptical, but not anymore.

No blog without music so I’ll end this blog with a song…
“When the stars go blue” by Ryan Adams
The song has nothing to do with this blog btw. I just like stars, I like blue and I love this song 😉


Are we meant to meet the people we meet in life?
I asked myself that question often. Usually I don’t think about it too much but there are moments when I’m looking back at my life and I’m thinking about the people I’ve met in the past or the people who are part of my life right now.

And yes, I do believe we are all meant to meet the people we meet in life.
Every person I meet will teach me something. It doesn’t even matter how long people stay, even if it’s just for a day, a month, a year or a lifetime.  In fact all those people are making me learn more and more who I am and somehow teach me to grow.
Even when experiences are annoying, seem negative and people are irritating or upsetting me, they teach me something… And that in itself is valuable.
Some people will affect me more than others, but one thing is for sure we don’t meet people by accident, they cross our path for a reason.

Today I wrote this for someone who crossed my path…someone special…
Someone who’s affecting me in so many ways and left a permanent mark on my heart.

I’m thinking of you
You, living far away
But in spirit you’re close
Bringing light every single day

Somehow we got connected
only a short time ago
But when the days passed by
Our bond has grown

You became part of my life
Part of my days
You’re touching my heart
In so many ways

I admire your courage
your positivity and strength
I’m so proud to say
You are a dear friend

Your love and affection
Your kindness and warmth
It’s all captured
in my heart and soul

I got so much to say
But I don’t know where to start
Just know you’ll always
have a special place in my heart

There’s only one word I can think of
One word to describe you as you are
Only a small word, but meaning so much
You are a star


I’m blessed to have such stars in my life and of course this makes me think of a song.
The lyrics say enough “we’ve got the light of stars in our hearts”
It’s a song by Robb Murphy, called “Stars”

Listen, watch and enjoy