Monthly Archives: September 2013

This morning started like every other morning.
One of the children came into our bedroom to wake me up.
Nothing special about that, but sometimes, mostly at a weekend, when we don’t need to go anywhere and there’s no need to hurry, our daughter crawls into my bed.
Just to be with me and lay next to me. When she was a toddler she did that a lot, but now she’s getting older those moments became rare.
I love having those moments with her, cause I know this will be over not too long from now.
Knowing that makes me realise how precious those moments are. Besides that, it makes me realise even more what life’s about.  It’s about my children, my husband, my family and a few close friends…Nothing really is important…except the people I love.

A kiss wakes me up in the morning
little arms giving me a hug
a whispering voice
telling me it’s time to get up

Two beautiful blue eyes
looking at me
Filling me with love
I can’t get up…not yet…

I pull back the covers
you crawl into bed
I put my arms around you
while you lay down your head

Your head on my shoulder
I’m holding you tight
A moment so precious
It fills me with light

Feeling your heartbeat
Listening to your breath, so calm
Smelling the scent of your curly hair
Your little hand in mine, so warm

I’m watching you
While you fall asleep again
Want to hold on to this moment
Don’t want this to end

Your eyes closed
You’re far away
Somewhere in dreamland

And while you’re asleep
A smile appears on your face
A smile that tells me
You’re in a beautiful place

I’m still watching you
Don’t know for how long
Enjoying this moment
Feeling love for you, so strong

Slowly you’re waking up
You turn around and look at me
Giving me a smile
Gently I caress your cheek

You’re putting your little arms around my neck
And look at me with your big eyes… so blue
My heart melts when I hear what you’re whispering…
“Mum, I love you!”

This all made me think about a song I didn’t listen to in ages…

John Mayer – Who you love


Sometimes things happen in life that are so overwhelming that it’s really hard to take in all at once…

Things that maybe happen only a few times in life…hard to grasp, but so special…

I wrote about it in my previous blogs…friends…
They come and go….and only a few people will stay with you forever. True friends who are there no matter what.
During life we all meet lots of people. People who become part of your life until the day you will go seperate ways and can’t connect to them anymore. A natural process that continues and changes constantly during life. Meeting new people, seeing people go…it’s all part of life.

But sometimes you meet people who really touch your life….leaving permanent marks on your heart. They make you realise what life is really about and you’ll feel their impact forever.
An invisible bond connects you …a bond of friendship.

Fortunately I’ve experienced this recently….an experience that made me write this poem:

A gift has fallen in my hands
A gift that touched my heart…my soul
A gift so overwhelming
A gift words can not express

Something so amazing
So special it moved me to tears
Bringing a feeling so heart warming
A feeling I didn’t have in years…

Unusual and unexpected
Going beyond my imagination
Bringing a feeling so elusive
Bit by bit I’m taking it all in…

Taking it all in
with open arms
an open heart
an open mind

Filled with happiness
Filled with love
Filled with gratefulness
Filled with bliss

Captured in my heart
Captured in my soul

Memories of a gift so valuable
A gift I will cherish and love
A gift I will hold on to

We said hello and waved goodbye….but there’s a bond…a bond that connects us no matter how far away we are from each other. 🙂

Say hello and wave goodbye….there’s only one song I can think of right now….
Only the title of the song has something to do with this story, not the lyrics, but since it’s such a beautiful song I’ll leave you with this:

David Gray – Say hello and wave goodbye