Monthly Archives: July 2013

My blog…actually I have been so busy in the past few months that I totally forgot about it….
I should do more with my blog, but somehow there’s just always a huge lack of time to do everything I want to do. Someone reminded me of my blog this week and that reminder instantly brought back that feeling again….the feeling I’m having while writing….a happy feeling 🙂

So here I am, writing a blog again 🙂
Writing this blog makes me think back of the months I haven’t been writing… A lot has happened, it wasn’t always easy and still isn’t easy sometimes. Tough times, emotional times occured and not only to me but I’m seeing it happen around me as well. In case you’re wondering if you’re about to read a very depressing story…don’t worry, you’re not! 😉 Thankfully there have been happy times and special moments as well. 🙂

But despite being a very positive minded person, I always remember more bad times than good times and I think I won’t be the only one. It’s not a bad thing though.
I’ve experienced lots and lots of happy moments in my life so far, but the tough times I went through shaped me to who I am today. The tough times changed me, the tough times taught me, the tough times caused personal growth. Maybe that’s why I remember the tough times more clearly than all the happy times I went through in my life.

And although it’s not always easy, I am always trying to look at the positive side of things. That doesn’t mean I don’t have negative thoughts. I do, but negativity always makes me feel even more worse than I’m already feeling during tough times, while positivity makes it all a bit easier to bear.
For example….I rather think of the things I can do than think of the things I can’t do….
Besides that, while going through hard times I live life more intense than during happy times. During happy times I tend to take things for granted, but not when times are hard. During those hard times I’m more aware of the precious things in life and I do appreciate the little things in life more than when nothing’s going on and everything goes the way it should be going….
Those little things can be anything, it can be a song, a message from someone, a hug from one of our kids, a bird searching for worms in the garden, sunset….literally anything. Those little things can change my mood, even if it’s just for a moment. Those little things make me forget about the worries I’m having.
And another thing that always happens during hard times….you’re getting to know who your true friends actually are…. Which is not a bad thing either, it’s just part of a process I guess. Friends come and go during life and there will only be a handful of people that will stay with you no matter what. But it’s that handful of true friends that’s so important in life.

So…tough times in life are not a negative thing. It’s actually very positive in the end… And I believe that something positive will come out of every negative situation we’re facing during life.

Anyway…writing this blog was giving me a happy feeling again…:-) I should write more blogs, but that’s what I’ve told myself more often…. Too bad a day only has 24 hours….Sometimes I wish there would be more time to do all the things I would like to do!!

To finish this blog….here are some songs that have inspired me in the past couple of months 🙂
Watch, listen and enjoy!!! 🙂

Malojian – All I need

Foy Vance – The joy of nothing

Robb Murphy – Sleep Tonight

Robb Murphy – Stars