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Two weeks ago Robb released a new single “What do I say” from the album “Take a stand”.

But what should I write about it? In other words: “What do I say”? 😉
“Great song, great video!! Check it out!!” already would be enough, cause that’s what it is!
But…. that would be a very short blog though and there’s so much to tell about Robb Murphy right now. Time for an update!!

A lot has happened in the past few months. Robb Murphy’s music is getting support in The Netherlands. Radio 501 ( ) embraced his music, added it to their database and they are promoting Robb Murphy on their website. But that’s not all. “What do I say” became “Megahit of the week” on Radio 501 and therefore was on heavy rotation for one week.
Also KX Radio ( ) payed attention to the single release. They were the first to play “What do I say” on radio during their Friday morning show just a few days before the official release of the single. You can listen to the interview Robb Murphy had on KX radio here:

These two Dutch radio stations aren’t the only ones paying attention to his music. The support for his music is growing in Holland! Also great to mention is that very recently Robb Murphy was featured in the BBC Introducing Mixtape, which is a mixtape of Tom Robinson’s personal selection of tracks from BBC Introducing.

Besides that Robb Murphy is going to record a new, acoustic, album soon. The new album will be called “Sleep tonight”.
On his website you can read the blogs that he wrote about the songs which will be on that new album:

Listen to the demo’s for the new album on soundcloud!

Want to know more about Robb Murphy? Check out his website, like him  on facebook and follow him on twitter 🙂


Finally it’s there!! New video and song!

In november I already wrote about it. It was a long time waiting, but definitely worth it!
Broken World is the first single from a new EP on which Chris Keys is working at the moment. The EP will be released in May.

Broken World will be officially launched at the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival on February 21st. Besides that Chris Keys will be performing at the “Nanci Griffith & Friends” concert on Sunday 24th February.

Besides working on a new EP, new single and video a lot has happened since the last time I wrote about Chris Keys. In December he won the MRU-award for Best Male Artist. Besides that his music got support on Dutch radio. Radio 501 ( started playing his music and “Shadows” became “Megahit of the week” and was because of that on heavy rotation for one week.

If you haven’t heard of Chris Keys before, check him out on Spotify: