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For sure I’m happy social media exists! Otherwise I would have missed out on a lot of great music! Through social media I got introduced to The Bedroom Hour. A five piece London based band, born out of two bands that regularly gigged together.

Listening to their music the first time was a nice surprise. Melodic songs with the sound of synth and guitar, combined with the amazing voice of lead singer Stuart Drummond and lyrics written from the heart. No surprise the band gets incredible feedback and love through social media, online radio stations and bloggers throughout the world.
For The Bedroom Hour everything seems to come together just right.

At the moment the band is working on their debut EP which they recorded at their own studio in Uxbridge West London. They are now in the process of mixing and mastering all songs and hope to release the EP before the end of the year.

This definitely is a band to watch out for! For sure I am curious about their debut EP!



Want to know more about The Bedroom Hour? You can find them through the links below:


An album I forgot about untill last week.
Wrong from Novastar was being played on the radio and that song instantly reminded me of the album Almost Bangor.

In 2000 I heard about Novastar for the first time. The single Wrong was released, a song taken from the album Novastar. I loved that song right from the start. I remember hearing it for the first time on the radio and not knowing who the singer or the band was. It took me a few hours to find that out. Wrong is a song taken from the album Novastar. After that Novastar released two more albums Another lonely soul and Almost Bangor.

Almost Bangor was released in 2008 and is by far the best album Novastar has made.
This album received a platinum status in Belgium and a golden status in The Netherlands.
Both singles from that album, Mars Needs Woman and Because, reached the top of the charts in both countries.

The man behind Novastar is Joost Zweers, a Dutch born singer/songwriter, who lives in Belgium.
At the moment he is working on a new album. It’s uncertain when this new album is going to be released. One thing is for sure, I’m already looking forward to this new album!

Check out the album Almost Bangor on Spotify!

Want to know more about Novastar? Check the links below!

A week ago Peter Katz started following me on Twitter. Till that moment I never heard of him or his music. Like always when a musician/band starts following me, I checked out his music on Spotify.

Found the album Still mind still and started listening…. What a surprise! In fact I’ve been listening to this album whole week now…. So beautiful!!

Peter Katz is a Canadian singer/songwriter who released his first solo album First of the last to know in 2010, followed by a live CD/DVD Peter Katz and Friends: Live at the Music Gallery.
In april 2012 he released the album Still mind still. Great music (folk) and great lyrics.
To me listening to this album has a calming effect. This is a perfect album for lazy Sundays and dark, cold nights! No surprise that Still mind still is on my music wish list now!!

While writing this blog I was searching for more information about Peter Katz on the internet. One of the first things I found was that he was recently invited by Carice van Houten (actress) to play at the Leeuwenbergh Church in Utrecht (Netherlands). This show was part of a series of gigs in which Carice van Houten invited her favorite musicians to perform at the old church.
Carice van Houten recently released her first album “See you on the ice”. The song “Particle of light” struck Peter Katz and he recorded this cover of the song:

At the moment Peter Katz is busy writing new songs so the world will definitely hear more from him soon!

Check out the album Still mind still! Enjoy!

You can find more about Peter Katz through the link mentioned below:

What a week it was last week…Busy days at work, busy days at home. At one night, I still had a lot of things to do. Laundry, paperwork, catch up on emails and more.
I turned on the 8 o’clock news on TV, so I could at least hear what happened in the world that day. Made a start with the paperwork and opened Outlook to see how many emails I missed the days before. While doing that I got a phonecall. During that phonecall emails came in, someone rang my doorbell and I got a text message on my mobile phone….
At that moment I thought: “That’s it! What am I doing? This is insane!!”
I didn’t open the door, finished that phonecall as soon as I could, dropped the paperwork and turned off the computer, TV and mobile phone.
Got myself a glass of wine and put on some music. I instantly calmed down and enjoyed that precious time for myself. Listening to music and doing nothing at all….

In case you’re wondering what music calmed me down….it was Bon Iver 🙂

In February I bought the album Every Kingdom. I remember hearing that album for the first time and immediately being hooked on it. The voice, the music, the lyrics…so good!
An album I’ve played numerous times by now.

Last week Ben Howard uploaded the songs from his new EP on YouTube.
Since I found out about it, I’m playing this EP over and over again.
I just can’t seem to stop listening to it….hooked again! 😉
Every Kingdom already is a great album, but the songs on The Burgh Island EP are even better!
This EP exceeds all my expectations!

Check out Ben Howard’s The Burgh Island EP for yourself:


More about Ben Howard can be found here:

Weeks ago I found the EP Seagull by Saturday Sun. I don’t even remember how I found it, but I listened and was amazed by it.
There’s not much info to find about Saturday Sun on the internet, so this will only be a short blog.

Saturday Sun, an unknown band….. unknown music ….. so amazing that it needs to be shared!
Check out the EP for yourself!

It really is time to write an update about this singer/songwriter, because a lot is going on in his life at the moment!

Last week there was great news about Chris Keys. On his facebookpage he mentioned that he is nominated for the MRU Awards in 4 categories!
– Best pop/alt
– Best video
– Best male artist
– Best best album
And just a few days ago he’s also nominated in the categorie Best unsigned artist.
Well deserved nominations which proves what I wrote before. He’s someone to watch out for!!

At the moment Chris Keys is working on a new EP, which will be released in 2013. He’s putting a lot of effort into making this EP, in fact he does all the work by himself.  On top of that a few days ago he tweeted that there will be full videos for all songs! A huge amount of work, but Chris takes time to make this EP a very special one. Slowly but surely progress is being made.
Recently Chris mentioned that he was recording Broken World and Under the streetlight. I’ve listened a lot to those songs on YouTube. Both songs are beautiful, so I was excited to read that these songs are going to be on his new EP!
Broken World is going to be the next single which will be released in February, followed by the release of the EP in April/May. Can’t wait for this one!

Check out more about Chris Keys on his website, on facebook or on twitter!

More about the MRU Music Awards: