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A few weeks ago I wrote a small item about Amanda Agnew. I just found out about her music and was so surprised by her talent that I shared her music on my blog.

Yesterday I saw this video Amanda posted on Facebook:

“A first go at electronic compositions…or a work in progress…let me know what you think” was what Amanda wrote in her post about this song.

Curiosity is in my genes, so I checked out the song immediately. Listening to the song was a suprise!
A tune to love immediately! Totally different from the acoustic songs I’ve heard so far, clearly a new direction, so I asked Amanda about the thought behind the song. Amanda explained she is studying music technology and because of that discovered ways to add a new sound to her own music. The song she posted was an idea she couldn’t get out of her head.

I said it before and I’m going to say it again: here’s a talent to watch out for!!
I’m already curious about what the search for a new sound will bring!

Check out more about Amanda Agnew on her YouTube Channel:



About 6 weeks ago I found out about Mama Kaz and this was my first acquaintance with her music:

The voice, the music, the life story being told in that song….listening to it gave me goosebumps.  What a talent! No wonder I searched for more and found the EP “Lipstick & Cocaine”, hearing a little voice in my head saying: “Buy it now!”, which I did of course (yes, I’m a music addict 😉 ).
The EP contains 3 tracks, all ballads, beautiful music and a really beautiful strong voice telling stories about hard life experiences.
The Ep is a solo project apart from Mama Kaz Band. (Mama Kaz Band is a Belfast based band, influenced by blues, rock, soul and jazz)

This week Mama Kaz tweeted that she and her band are nominated for the MRU Music Awards in two categories. A nomination for best Blues/Rock and the single Lipstick & Cocaine is nominated for Best Single. Well deserved!!
More about the MRU Music Awards can be found here:

Check out the EP for yourself and let Mama Kaz surprise you!!

More about Mama Kaz and her band can be found here:

Two weeks ago when I was searching something in the attic I ran into a couple of bags filled with old cd’s… I took one of the bags with me downstairs to see what music was in it. This picture shows only part of what came out that bag….

I sat down and started listening to some of the old cd’s….started with the first CD I bought when I was 15, U2 – Rattle and Hum. Next were Frankie goes to Hollywood, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Lenny Kravitz…. Hours of music came out that bag!
By the end of the day I only listened to a part of it.
Feeling a bit sad I brought back the bag to the attic…promising myself I would soon take time to listen to more forgotten music again. It’s a shame I have to store my musical treasure in the attic, but there’s just no room left…

Talking about forgotten music….Saturday night, weeks ago, I was on twitter when Robb Murphy ( started tweeting songs he was DJing that night. I started searching the songs he mentioned on YouTube and Spotify, which really was fun!
I instantly reminded songs I completely forgot about. That night I listened to songs that were played when I started going out when I was a teenager, songs my parents listened to when I was a kid… Not only I got to listen to a lot of forgotten songs that night, but each song I listened to brought back childhood and teenage memories!
Guess #twitterdance was born that night! 🙂

And #twitterdance is catching on! More people are joining on the Saturday nights Robb Murphy is DJing, which leads to a lot of interaction between people, sharing music and fun!
Ok, I agree that going out with friends is a better way to spend a Saturday night, but #twitterdance is a great substitute when there are no other plans! 🙂

So, when you read this and want to experience #twitterdance yourself, make sure you check Robb Murphy’s twitterpage ( ) on Saturday nights to see if he’s DJing!

If so, join and enjoy the music!

Somehow I ran into this video on YouTube a number of weeks ago:

I loved that song right from the start. So beautiful! The song reminded me of Bon Iver.
I checked out more on soundcloud and I was amazed! Such beautiful songs! No surprise I immediately bought the EP Fail for you, which was released last August (produced by Luke Sital-Singh and none other than Iain Archer and David Lynch).

At the moment Luke Sital-Singh is supporting Fossil Collective on their tour through the UK and in december he will have his first headline gigs (Manchester, Brighton and London).
He is definitely someone to watch out for!

Check out the EP on Spotify:

More about Luke Sital-Singh can be found here:

Four years after the release of Carried to dust, Calexico released a new album Algiers in september.
Calexico is a Tucson, Arizona based band. The two main members are Joey Burns and John Convertino. In 1996 the band recorded their first record Spoke. The new album Algiers is the seventh album Calexico released.

Last week I listened to the album and what a great album this is! Every time I listen to this album it keeps getting better. Over the years Calexico has grown and developed a sound all its own. Their music style is being influenced by traditional Latin sounds, jazz, country en post-rock.
Algiers is a melancholic album about longing and searching the unknown.

Check this album out on Spotify!

I’m a lucky person… For me it’s a 5 minute walk to get this view…

This is where I often go for a walk….ancient wood and heathland….  I love it out there! There’s so much to see. I can be there for hours without getting bored. Just like today. The sun was shining, temperature went up to 20 °C so it was easy to decide to go out for a walk and enjoy one of the last warm days of this year. After an hour walk I stopped to lay down in the grass, listen to music and look at the changes in the sky.

Back home I felt totally relaxed and I’m glad I took time to go out for a walk, cause weather reports are promising frost, sleet and rain next weekend. Can’t we just skip winters? 😉

These are some of the songs I listened to today while laying in the grass…..too bad summer is over! I’m going to miss days like this!! Listen and enjoy!